Club Tabu Rules & F.A.Q.

Tabu events are defined as “private party” lifestyle socials. There is no sexual activity permitted except in the privacy of your own accommodations. Please do not spend an unnecessary amount of time in the parking lot, lobby or hallways, or any other common area of the establishment in which the event is taking place. Tabu members who do not cooperate will be identified and will be asked to leave.

NO MEANS NO!!! If someone is not comfortable with something, they have the right to say no and you must respect their wishes. If you violate this rule you will be immediately escorted off the premises and out of the event.

No audio or video devices are permitted. No cameras or camera phones are permitted for use inside the designated event area. If you must take or make a phone call, please do so from a common area outside of the event area.

No illegal drugs are allowed inside the building or in the parking lot at any time. Anyone engaging in violent or disrespectful manner to any guest, or team member will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return.

Discretion is a vital aspect for our guests and staff to enjoy the party and the lifestyle. If at any time any member should be found to have disclosed information about Tabu or any of its members to any non-lifestyle third party, such as but not limited to, news media, or investigative documentary groups, they will lose their membership privileges and will not be allowed to return. If you are a member of the media, law enforcement, or government agency, you are here as a member of Tabu and not as a working individual for any of the prior mention agencies. As a member you are not to share any member or club information.

Membership dues are collected the night of the party that you attend. They are good for the night of that event only. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend the Tabu parties or any other events associated with Tabu. You must have a valid ID available if asked.

I have read and understand the rules of Tabu events. I release Tabu Lounge Inc. of any and all liability in the event of injury that is related to either the main event or any incidence while on the property of the event during event hours.

Are you still open?

Yes, we are still open; if this website is still up – we are open!!!

Where exactly are you located?

3208 S. Martin Luther King Jr. BLV
Lansing, MI 48910

It is a large club with a maze and more that is located in the back of Fantasies Unlimited. You have to go into Fantasies Unlimited, and tell the clerk you would like to go into Club Tabu.

What is a Maze? Are there glory holes?

A maze is a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way, and in our case, it is very dark and made with walls that have a few holes in them. 🙂

Is there a locker room/changing area?

There is a changing area, and lockers are being put into place shortly.

Is this strictly gay/bi/ts, tg or do bi/straight couples, singles come and are welcome as well? Are females/couples welcome?

This is an alternative club, with an emphasis on gay/bi/ts/tg. No one will ever be turned away, however this is by no means a “swingers lounge.” Although we would love to cater to every specific need and fantasy, this club is primarily focused on “male/trans fantasies” If there is a great enough need, we will designate a day for couples with bi to meet.

Are there specific nights for specific types of people?

As of right now, there are no specific nights for CDs, Bear/boy, etc. You are always free to comment on our Meet and Greet Page to see who is planning on coming in and what day. If there is a great enough need, we can designate days specifically, however everyone will always be welcome regardless of the designated day.

How early does it start to get busy?

We always have people coming in from open to close. Obviously different times are busier than others, and different days are busier than others. If you have a curiosty about your interest, please post on our Meet and Greet Page, but use discretion, or it will not be posted, apologies.

Is it a bathhouse?

We plan on putting in a bathhouse eventually. As of right now, it is a maze of walls and people meeting and discovering what they have in common with each other.