Meet, Greet or Just Cruise!!

Welcome to the Club Tabu official website!!

With a new website coming soon!!

We are currently featuring our new and improved club in Lansing(MI)


Monday-Thursday: 9a.m.-2a.m.
Friday & Saturday: 9a.m.-4a.m.

Keep checking our News Feed for special events!!

Please leave comments/feedback about our club when you visit!!


  1. larry schmid says:

    Info please

  2. Steve says:

    Had a good time, counter clerk is hot as hell and helpful. He did an awesome job on the decor too! Wish i could make it back at 2 ;)) i will def go again if he’s working…or playing ;)

  3. Bearman says:

    A very comfortable atmosphere. Nicely decorated and comfortable. A great place to play that was badly needed in the Lansing area. Spread the word guys. We need Club Tabu to be a success!

  4. nelson says:

    What is there to do at tabu do yous have video booth or what

  5. Jason says:

    Is it busy tonight? I thought about going!

  6. john says:

    Its awsome. I hear of plans to expanding exciting news for lansing. The manager should be a porn star. He and his boyfriend are super sexy and are making so many great changes the store looked like it was straight out of the 80′s The beginning of February now it looks clean and modern. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  7. TS fan says:

    What is the best night to find a TG there?

  8. Joyn says:

    Any lockers?

  9. Andrew says:

    What exactly is tabu club never heard of it or what goes on inside

  10. Branden says:

    I can’t wait for the events….

  11. Brandon says:

    To get into Tabu, do we enter through Fantasies Unlimited or is there a separate entrance?

    • Steve says:

      Enter thru Fantasies Unlimited. Pay at the counter and they will point you to the door of the lounge (actually two doors can be used to get in). Prepare to have some fun.

  12. A2cruzin says:

    Just discovered this place on Squirt.org so I am going to be in Brighton until about 4-5 today(Saturday) and thought about driving the rest of the way up to check it out. Any idea if I will find a decent crowd at that time of day? Thx

    • A2cruzin says:

      Well I checked it out, only 3-4 guys this early in the evening but the place could be fun with good crowd. I will check it out again sometime if in the area. I can see it being a great place to play for locals and occasional passers by. Have fun guys!

    • admin says:


  13. xxx says:

    are women and couples welcome?

    are the guys hot? or old creepers?

  14. David James says:

    This sounds like a great idea and just the kind of place I’ve been looking for! Is it legal? Sounds like you’ve worked out the details with how you have structured it, I just don’t want to get busted with my pants down!

  15. Matt says:

    IS it a safe place to go and be yourself, I love to wear a skirt and nylons and a cute thing but never feel anyplace allows that since I am no passable.

    • Marcus says:

      I’ve been looking a public place to go too. CD Dress up.
      Sexy skirt, fishnets, heels. Maybe we could go together ;-)
      or meet up and have fantasy dress up night.

  16. hermes bag says:

    inconsequential for clothing

  17. Theresa says:

    Can single females attend?

  18. cute couple says:

    We’re interested in knowing if couples are welcome too. Also interested in knowing what the maze is. Pics would be welcomed!

  19. big guy says:

    hey I’m a younger bi guy would likes to fool around alittle on the dl. i don’t have much exp but i heard of this place from a friend. Would it be ok to stop by even with little exp in terms of mvm? and what a maze? haha thanks.

  20. Brendon says:

    What is the maze I keep reading about.

  21. chris says:

    Manager is very hot and super friendly. After reading about this place on squirt, I decided to make the drive from grand rapids. Glad I did, had a great time here. Will be back plenty of times!

  22. blonde_boy_mi says:

    What Tuesday nights like around 11ish?

  23. Shy says:

    It’s good to have a safe, sane local place in which to cruise and experiment. Being shy though, I tend to watch and little more.. the GH addition is nice, but would be better if they had booths/doors and so on for a bit of anonymity.

  24. old creeper says:

    Even the older people want to meet men. We should all be able to enjoy our desires. I like the idea of having a place to meet other men. We don’t bite but we might suck.

  25. Craig says:

    So whats the dress code here? Can I hangout there totally barefoot and naked?

  26. Tim says:

    What is the maze? Where are the GH’s?

  27. Bob says:

    I plan on being there today around 4pm. Hope to see some people there!

  28. Jon says:

    I found this place a couple of months ago. I know it’s primarily a gay establishment, but it is definitely bi or straight unfriendly. They play mostly gay or trans movies and the few straight movies are horrible. They depict women in the most unflattering light as can be possible.

    I like the tolerant, relaxed atmosphere of the place, but will unlikely return due to the horrific movie selections. Showing male ass pounding on both screens seems redundant to me and the straight movies showing women being smeared in food or doing midgets is a serious turn off.

    A place like this is sadly needed in the area, but needs to be attractive to a wider audience.

    • admin says:

      You are correct that this place is a primarily gay establishment, although we cater to all people – Gay, straight, curious, bi, tranny, etc. and more. We apologize that you did not enjoy the movies that were playing, and that you found certain things to be unflattering. We simply do our best to cover as many tastes as possible, being an alternative club that recognizes fantasies that most establishments do not. We will be expanding soon, however we will still be just as alternative. Thank you for checking us out, nonetheless.

  29. jillovcd says:

    A maze is just what it sounds like you never know who or what is around the bend

  30. Rafe says:

    So what is the deal? are there rooms like a standard bathhouse or anything like that? Would love some general info.

  31. JamesH23 says:

    Been to the club a few times now and have had an amazing experience every time! the only thing I recommend is getting a shower/locker room lol that could make for some very fun times

  32. will says:

    I have a gf that loves bi guys and seeing me with another man then joining in and all playing. Is Tabu a place that entertains couples for this kind of action? We also love cd’s and transsexuals. Please advise

  33. JamesT says:

    Maze? What is that?

  34. JamesT says:

    I am specifically interested in shemales/trannys. Is there a specific day to go to find them?

  35. Monte Moire says:

    I am curious as to what all happens in this place. Is this place legit? I don’t want to get busted in some kind of sting operation.

    • admin says:

      Everything is legit, 100% legal. If you’re curious, stop in and check us out, or seek other websites that have some testimonials, as we have somewhat of an obligation to “regulate” what is allowed to be public….. ;)

  36. John says:

    I am 18 and would like to come tonight would i be allowed?

  37. Wants TGs says:

    Would any TG like to take me? It’s my first time and I’d be to shy to walk in my self. Just want some one to show me around the first time so I can get a feel for thing :) hope some one replys :)

  38. chevy says:

    you said there two way to get in do u have to go throught the lounge

  39. Steve says:

    I’m going to be in Lansing during the day on Tuesday next week (3-11). I was wondering what kind of action happens during the day and mid day?

  40. Todd says:

    Are drinks served?

  41. kevin says:

    Is there rooms or places available for some fun, or is it more of an all out, out in the open kinda place?

  42. Michael says:

    What are the busiest/best times? How are mid afternoons? Lots of guys or few?

  43. jerry says:

    I went there a few time and it wasthe best time . The 1st.time
    6guy gang bang 2nd time husband /wife in the sex swing.i will
    Be there tonight.

  44. brandon says:


  45. Maxi says:

    Similar to Michael’s question:
    What time on a Friday or Saturday would be the best to visit..?

  46. dlstud25 says:

    Anyone going to tabu today? Fit, 26 year old stud with thick n cut 7.5″ cock..who is very open minded and willing to try just about anything..

  47. young hot boi says:

    When are there the most tg? :)
    Nights 18 yrr olds can cum?

  48. Brendon says:

    I was wondering if you were ever going to upload an pictures of the club? I know a lot of bathhouses/adult places have general pictures of there place on their website. Also I will be emailing you directly concerning another question I had.


  49. Bob says:

    Will be there today about 4pm!!!

  50. Jerry Sherwood says:

    Anyone have time I like o chat with transgender people please text me at 5175809715 thanks jerry

  51. tobig says:

    Where are the trannies

  52. tobig says:

    Wassup, any sexy trnnies…get back with me…

  53. steve says:

    I’ll be there Tuesday morning 8 inches here

  54. j says:

    Any real t girls come here?

  55. James Smock says:

    Sounds like fun I will be down !

  56. Mike says:

    Are foot fetishists welcomed? Is there an area that I could worship a toe or 2?

  57. Nate says:

    Anyone going to be there tomorrow afternoon? Looking to suck and bottom, kiss and nipple play.

  58. Kevin Hier says:

    What is the cost to get in

  59. Kevin Hier says:

    I’m extremely horny and want to get laid. I like trannies and gays. My ass is ready and my cock is too.

  60. Kevin Hier says:

    I will suck and fuck, take it in the ass and give it. I eat cum and stroke cocks.Fill me up and make me happy

  61. Joe says:

    Hey how are things at the club?

  62. Tgirl :3 says:

    I think Ill try it out tonight :) Hopefully find an ok guy :D

  63. Vicki says:

    I am a stacked (40J bra) CD and I would love to go and have fun. Males, females and couples are fine.

  64. Tom says:

    Vicki if your going the 13 the give me a holler thanks tom

  65. dubnd says:

    Are there any nights pertaining
    to shemales and or crossdresser’s?

  66. Meghan says:

    Had fun need more women so I can eat some prissy!!

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